Ex nihilo nihil fit

by International Parallives Institute

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The International Parallives Institute (IPI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and support to parallivers: ones who contrive a second life parallel to an original or "true" identity. Parallivers often find happiness and meaning in aspects of life not valued or demanded by the larger society in which they live. While the cause of parallives is not yet known, IPI suspects that a majority of parallives are created as a defense against societal and economic pressures. If maintained properly, parallives are not maladaptive and can benefit the individual and the identities to which they identify. However, in extreme cases parallivers become displaced from, or confused with, their original identity, which typically results in existential crises, anxiety, and emptiness.

International Parallives Institute is Paul Skomsvold and Rui Nogueiro (lacebows.bandcamp.com). Recorded in December 2012 through February 2013 in Oakland and Lisbon.

Cassette tape was available from Exo Tapes: exotapes.tumblr.com

Artwork by Whatever™


released June 7, 2013




former selves Portland, Oregon

Releases in print:

"Apropos of Golden Dreams" split 12" LP - www.bridgetownrecords.info

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